Failure Is Not An Option • EOLA Creed • I am somebody • I can succeed • I will reach my goals • I will support other people • I will make a difference in the community and in the world • I will be a leader and a follower • I will be open to learn new things • I will be generous • I will be respectful • I will be positive • I will be truthful and obedient • I am educated • I am a role model • I am proud of how I am • I am human • I am powerful • I am a great student • I am a great listener • I can be trusted • I can make it • I will push myself to do well • I will make something out of myself • I will take the "t" out of can't and do all that I can • I will learn • I will do the best that I can at all times • Class of 2006

East Oakland Leadership Academy

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Dr. Laura Armstrong, Director
Kamara Wilson, Administrative Assistant
Tiaesha Williams, Test Coordinator
Tomas Quezada, Office Manager
Ms. Atiba, Art Director


Tammy Enjaian, Kindergarten Teacher
Kiara Hernandez, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher
Aleta Plummer, 3rd GradeTeacher
Brittany Moore, 4th/5th Grade Teacher
Laura Rappa - 6th Grade Teacher
Dr. Laura Armstrong, 7th/8th Grade Teacher

EOLA Board

Johnnie Riley, Chair:
Wannetta Hall, Finance:
Ernest Frohm, Community:
Sylvia Thomas, Secretary:


2614 Seminary Avenue - K to 6
2607 Seminary Avenue -7 to 8

EOLA Academy • 2614 Seminary Avenue • Oakland, CA 94605 • Ph - 510-562-5238 • Fax - 510-562-5239