Failure Is Not An Option • EOLA Creed • I am somebody • I can succeed • I will reach my goals • I will support other people • I will make a difference in the community and in the world • I will be a leader and not a follower • I will be open to learn new things • I will be generous • I will be respectful • I will be positive • I will be truthful and obedient • I am educated • I am a role model • I am proud of who I am • I am human • I am powerful • I am a great student • I am a great listener • I can be trusted • I can make it • I will push myself to do well • I will make something out of myself • I will take the "t" out of can't and do all that I can • I will learn • I will do the best that I can at all times • Class of 2006

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Mission Statement

The East Oakland Leadership Academy serves inner-city students in grades K-8.
The focus of EOLA is leadership and student accountability which will help our
students achieve both academically as well as socially. We will provide our students
an education that will enhance their academic skills in: Reading, Writing, Spelling,
Mathematics, Science, Art and Humanities. These skills will enhance their development
to become good citizens and productive members of society.

About East Oakland
Leadership Academy

East Oakland Leadership Academy is a K-8 public charter school. EOLA was founded
in 2003 and was designed to produce the academic advancement of minority youth from
East Oakland, California. Our school includes small classes, community and parent
involvement, and a clean, safe learning environment that respects and addresses
the cultural needs of our students and staff.


East Oakland Leadership Academy offers curriculum that provide strong academic
skills in Language Arts & Literature and Mathematics to minority and socio-economically
disadvantaged students. The curriculum is designed to enhance the academic skills
of the minority and socio-economically disadvantaged students we serve by utilizing
small, structured classrooms that will provide the discipline and individualized
attention necessary for success.



EOLA Academy • 2614 Seminary Avenue • Oakland, CA 94605 • Ph - 510-562-5238 • Fax - 510-562-5239